This is a personal project and is NOT affiliated with Sony. This is a conceptual project for a future mobile phone based on a past Sony product.


Problem statement:

While the popularity of gaming phones has fallen dramatically since 2011, the mobile gaming industry has grown rapidly over the same period of time. This disconnect puzzled me. Hence, I asked myself: Can a smartphone be designed to bridge the gap between a typical smartphone and a portable gaming device?


Develop a smartphone that encompasses the ideals of today’s gaming market, but also aligns with the trends in the smartphone mobile world. 



- Unique LED color band which responds to notifications (Facebook = dark blue, Twitter = light blue, Youtube = red etc.).

- Slightly curved screen to make the phone feel more natural when in your pocket.

- Game controllers that slide out from the main phone body, allowing for a seamless transition from phone to portable game device.

- Uses a "full bleed" LCD screen.

(Full features list in the image below)


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